Responsibilities include content production, partnership development, corporate and community engagement and involvement (facilitating dialogues).

Devising integrated cross-sectoral strategies across multiple platforms and social media channels.

Rudi has extensive experience in making connections work for all stakeholders through cross-sectoral and institutional development partnerships within business support, community development, corporate social responsibility, creative industries, higher education, regeneration and the commonwealth diaspora movement, aligned with UK global health and international trade objectives. He developed the widely- acclaimed Diaspora Delivery System and is the co-founder of Caribbean Diaspora Health System +.

His interest in Reggae music goes back to the 1970s and throughout the 1980s as a sales and marketing professional recognising the inspiring power of Reggae music for cultural well-being and community economic empowerment (Haircare, Beauty & Fashion Shows).

Rudi continues to carry out his life's mandate to effect change by inspiring inclusive, peaceful, caring and enterprising neighbourhoods.

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