Kool J has always been interested in music, started collecting Soul R&B and Jazz Funk music in the 70s and still has a large collection.

His first sound system was with a few guys he met while working at Fidelity Radio in North Acton, and they played at many parties.

At Fidelity, he also made friends with a guy called Owen aka DJ Blacka. He, at the time, was making preamplifiers and Kool J needed one made for his sound system. The preamp was so good it gave their sound system a much better treble and bass. In 1982, Blacka was playing at a party with his hard-core Roots Reggae, Revival and Lovers sound, Elijah. Blacka, and the style, were one of the best Kool J had ever heard at the time.

One day in the 1980s Blacka called Kool J. He had a big wedding coming up and, needing a soul man, invited Kool J to play as he liked his style: “Come and juggle with me." That was the start of a beautiful friendship and a great musical journey.

They played at parties and clubs all over the country as Blacka seemed to have a lot of contacts in the music world.

It was now about 1987 and another call from Blacka, now setting up a radio station with a few guys, offered Kool J a slot: “You in?" and Kool J replied: "Yeah sure.” That was Time Radio based in Harlesden and, after a few years, he helped Blacka to form another station, Fresh FM. A short spell on Darkman’s Station, Hot 96 followed around 2012.

His current journey reunites him with FreshFM Radio London. Join him here on the Good Thangs Show.