Image - DJ Brownman

DJ Brownman was a record collector from hearing ‘bassline’ in Brixton market and plucking up courage to buy his favourite DJ records with his supermarket wages. circa 1982. His family moved to Harrow in 1989 where he started to collect from Dub Vendor, Daddy Kool, Body Music and Hawkeye.

In 1995 he was invited to join Revue Party Sound as the "Ragga" DJ because he had ‘so much tune’. The sound split over creative differences in 2001 but Brownman adapted the music his co DJs had played to his own repertoire, building his own set for parties and local functions.

In October 2019, while chatting to Mr Menzies of RJR, he was invited to present a show on Tuesday evenings which he did until November 2020 when the station went into hiatus. He is now happy to have joined Fresh FM Radio London as of September 2022.