Growing up, Paul Mac always had music playing in his house.

His mother loved her music, and it is through her that his love of music flourished.

As a teenager he was a bass player in a band with two of his brothers and other friends - they weren't bad! He enjoyed the fantastic feeling of performing live, being in that groove, feeling the vibe and had lots of fun touring the UK with other up and coming musicians some of whom went on to have some commercial success.

Paul Mac appreciates a wide variety of music; there is something from every genre that he can relate to; but his first love is Reggae particularly the early Studio 1 and Duke Reid productions, the sounds he grew up hearing his mother play. However he is not one of those people who think that real reggae has died, on the contrary he thinks every generation adds their own flavour to the music that continually catapults it into mainstream where it grows and enriches another generation of music lovers.

His love of music is such that he has acquired a vast collection of records over the years on various formats. He enjoys reading the sleeve notes on the vinyl records and CDs, getting to know which recording studio was used and which musicians and producers were involved with the project.

Paul is a great fan of live music and whenever possible loves going to support the musicians who put their energy and soul into perfecting their craft then bringing it live to the audience. He has been fortunate that he has been able to see many of his favourite Reggae and RnB artists live on stage to feel the energy and connect with the vibe. For Paul Mac, music is the universal language.