Image - JC

JC has been in the music business for over forty years. Coming from a large family, many of whom were, and still are, musicians in the music business, the house was always full of music. While his brothers preferred Soul and Funk, his first interests were Soul and Reggae especially Lovers, spending his pocket money on records.

In the early days, JC frequently crossed paths with DJ Blacka in record shops and electrical stores and this was the start of a longstanding partnership. JC regularly brought his records to parties and events to make his own contribution.

An accomplished drummer, percussionist and singer, JC played with a number of groups including Black Stallion who specialised in soul and reggae music and with many record labels - performing, as is transpired, mainly for the love of the music. They toured the country in traditional van style, with few comforts. JC also performed on tracks for other artists such as Junior English.

JC has a passion for live music and this has given him many opportunities including an invite to Marvin Gaye’s after party in Amsterdam and being invited on stage to sing with Sister Sledge. Right place, right time.

JC is also a keen sportsman taking part in many activities in early days. In the 80s to 90s, he took a break from music the business and, following a successful trial, played American Football in the UK for over 10 years, frequently Quarter Backing. He even managed to train on one occasion with the Miami Dolphins. Right place, right time.

During the 1990s, JC was on Time Radio in Harlesden, NW London with Blacka, and was also resident DJ at a number of clubs. Now back on the music scene, he likes all types of music and if it is good, he will give it a try!